Types of Fishing T Shirts

Somewhere between bone hooks and rubber bass slippers lives the long history of the fishing t shirts. Slogans like “Gone Fishing” or phrases that can be replaced with “Bass” have been moved around by human billboards ever since printing on cotton was invented. These physical labels suggesting one rather be fishing acts as a firm, but subtle nod to other patrons at your local Walmart.

For me, I’m a fan. I like a guy wearing a solid catch phrase as fashion. I’m a fan of the guy who bought a licensed garment supporting his favorite commercial beer. I’m on a mission to supply the street angler, the urban fisherman, with an assortment that will be similarly iconic.

Types of Fishing Shirts

Your Dad’s Oversized Hawaiian

You know what this is. This is the oversized, colorful print, 1/2 sleeve button down shirt a la Thomas Bahama. These things are light-weight, hide food stains, and make your protruding gut less offensive. It’s like a shawl for your belly.

Long Sleeve

Once the required attire of the criminal Yakuza, long sleeve shirts both hide your tats and keep the sun off your skin. If you’re so inclined to let the authorities know that crime and fishing aren’t correlated, there’s a shirt that represents that fishing is not a crime. Unfortunately, trespassing probably is.

Fishing T Shirts

Older than stink baits, fishing t shirts are the militia uniforms of outdoorsmen. From the oh-so-clever “I’d rather be fishing” to the neck-bearded “Master Baiter” battle flags, fishing t shirts let people know two things about you: 1) you pay alimony and 2) you’ll probably fail a breathalyzer test. If you’re wearing a Notorious BIG fishing t shirt, the Roozleberry vape won’t cover up your last dab.

Performance Fishing Shirts

Do you want to look like a nerd or a NASCAR or something? Skip.