Plan Bait is here to support grassroots fishing. Whether you’re sneaking into golf courses at night and need a non conspicuous fishing rig, or want an emergency pack of bait that you can fall upon as your “Plan B” after the swim baits and soft bodies fail; we’re here to support it. Well, not financially, but morally.

Plan Bait’s Salted and Dehydrated Squid is vacuum sealed in a way that rivals how the ancient Egyptians kept their dead. The idea behind this is that you can leave a salted and sealed pack of emergency bait or your Plan Bait Survival Fishing Kit in your car in the heat of summer and only give it thought when you pull up to that empty dock and want to throw a line in the water.

So what are you waiting for? Leave one of these bad boys at the bottom of your pack for when your buddy starts catching things, leaving you fearing the goose-egg.

Jon Hoan Nguyen (Founder)

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1760 Via Petirrojo L
Newbury Park, CA 91320


‪(805) 601-6021‬

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big barred surf perch
Big and pregnant barred surf perch caught in California