Salted Mackerel Cut Bait


Our individually wrapped salted mackerel cut bait produces a firm fishing bait that will stay on a hook better than a fresh cut bait.


The reason salted mackerel works so well as fishing bait is because mackerel is naturally an oily fish, similar to herring. Oily translates into scent which drives the target fish’s olfactory glands. However, mackerel meat has a firmer texture and thus makes a better bait than a softer fleshed fish. Salting mackerel toughens up the meat, making it a superior fishing bait.

At Plan Bait, we lock in that oil, by removing the water content from the outer layer cells through the salt process. This preserves the mackerel cut bait benefits like maintaining the oil and scent that will release in the water while also producing a tougher bait that’s individually packed in salt and sealed to be used when you need it.

Throw these on a circle hook and let ‘er rip.

Mackerel vs Herring as Bait

While mackerel and herring have similar oil and scent content, we decided to go with mackerel due to the tougher flesh. Herring can have a softer flesh texture than mackerels and while they make great bait, don’t have as much stay on the hook as a mackerel.

Herring, salted, would make a great bait but mackerel is better. Additionally, I have nostalgic spots for Mack-daddies as this was the cut bait of choice that I threw off my local piers to fill my bucket.


Salted Baits

Sea salt is one of the oldest methods of preservation before refrigeration. Additionally, by drawing out moisture, soft fleshy baits become tougher. This makes a better fishing bait. These salted baits are packed in sea salt as a preservative and then sealed.

The salt breaks open the outer most cell walls and drains the water content from the outside of the salted bait as well as being a natural bacteria deterrent. Dry and salted meats have been known to last several years to indefinitely when stored in a cool place.

Personally, I still have unopened packs of my first salted test baits from half a decade ago that look great.

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