Survival Fishing Kit


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The PlanBait Survival Fishing Kit is the pocket-sized go-anywhere and catch fish tin. While not really a survival tool, it totally can be. What’s more basic than a hand line and some squid on the end of a hook? Contents:

With two Plan B Salted and Dehydrated packets, this is the forget-about-it survival fishing kit that you can leave in your car for an emergency fishing opportunity. Unlike smaller, “Altoid-tin” survival kits, this emergency fishing kit is larger and fits a spool of 110-yard fishing line. Included is 12lb-test mono. 

To top it off, the Plan B bait packaging rivals the shelf-life of a mummy. This is the leave-in-mom’s-car kind of survival fishing kit. 

Great gift for the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life!

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