Salted and Dehydrated Squid


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No Plan Bait, or “Plan B”, is the convenient emergency single-use bait that you can leave in the bottom of your pack, tackle box, in your survival fishing kit, or in your glove compartment. The squid is first dehydrated, then packed with salt to control any moisture that may build under heat, then sealed for an ancient Egyptian shelf-life.

Plan B is a tough bait when rehydrated and can be used in any way you would use fresh or frozen squid as bait. You can even cut it into shape to be used as a jig or added on to the end of your swim bait for additional scent.

Each package contains a full dehydrated squid that has been salted post dehydration, then sealed.

To Use:

  • Break the seal on the package above the zip-lock seal
  • Add some water directly into the bag to rehydrate the bait
  • Use bait in any scenario you would use squid



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