Salted Mussels Bait



We’ve been working on a way to make fresher bait with the same shelf-life as our dehydrated baits. Our salted mussels bait is packed in sea salt for preservation, like they did in the old days. This mussel bait packed in salt and ready to use. Salting the mussels makes the bait tougher by reducing some of the moisture content. It’s the perfect balance between toughening up a fragile bait like mussels, while maintaining scent. The salt holds the moisture and scent, and can also be used advantageously.

Just tear open the packet, place a portion of salted mussel bait on a suitable hook, and send it off to get eaten.

To Use:

  • Break open the single use package
  • Place on a suitable hook
  • Fish some fishy waters

Additional information

Weight 1 oz