[Video] How tO Catch The World’s Most Intelligent Carp on a Fly Rod

While the species is generally sought after by our European friends across the pond, us Americans aren’t normally targeting carp, labeling and ranking them as a trash fish. I’m here to say that this shouldn’t be the case. Carp should be labeled as a sport fish. Pound for pound, they fight harder than bass and most of you don’t eat bass anyhow. Further, they grow into toads with the record catch being over 100lbs. 100lbs!

However, while they are omnivorous, they aren’t fished as predators would be fished. Lures generally don’t work. Specialized carping equipment like dough bait hooks and alert systems exist for a certain type of fishing tactic. For carp, you generally set it and forget it.

Carp on a fly rod is an interesting proposition. This isn’t a traditional tactic and the gear set is all wrong for monsters. First, you’re presenting something actively and sight fishing for placement. Second, your tackle is undersized as it’s generally rated for dinky trout.

I don’t often (or ever) use a fly rod, but when I do, I put a tortilla on a hook and try to catch pond carp. It look a full day of trying to learn the fish but in the end, I hooked one of these suckers and fell into the murk trying to land him.

I may get into fly tying and make some corn and tortilla flies. For now, a quick stop at taco bell for the real stuff is just fine.